A Message to Developers
  • Xin Lei
    Mobvoi’s CTO
Build the first smartwatch developer platform in China

Ticwear App Store-Android WearTMMobvoi Appstore, the official partner of Android Wear developed by domestic artificial intelligence company Mobvoi, offers the most comprehensive apps available for download for new Moto 360, HUAWEI WATCH and all Android Wear users in China. Mobvoi Appstore also provides a platform for all top developers to showcase their work.

The Most comprehensive API

In addition to standard APIs such as data transmission, sensor and geo data, Mobvoi also makes unique APIs such as speech recognition, NLP and voice search, etc. available to developers by leveraging Mobvoi leading capability of such areas. Ticwear App Store also provides some system-level APIs such as health and weather data as well as Onebox as frequently requested by app developers.

Define Future Human-Machine Interaction

Currently, Mobvoi Appstore is a smartwatch platform with the most comprehensive application ecosystem domestically. The collaboration with Alipay, Sougou Map, Didi Taxi, QQ IOT, Broadlink, Magic Watchface and other top developers greatly broadens and enriches the use cases of smartwatches. In the future, the great possibilities of human-machine interaction will be further explored. Besides the existing partners, Mobvoi is working with MoJi Weather, Wechat, Alibaba Smart Living, Tencent News and other great platforms, so as to integrate the usage of smart watch into users' daily life. Starting from the wrist, let's have a smart living.

Developer Reward Program

Top developers from around the world, we have MORE to offer, exclusively for you!

Easy Transition

Easy Transition from Android
Wear to Ticwear
Ticwear is a customly designed smartwatch ROM that is compatible with android wear apps. You simply need to alter a few lines of codes to develop an app for us.


Unlock the Magic of Tickle
Hidden at the edge of Ticwatch, Tickle enables various interactions. For you, it means more fun as it can be customized through programming in any ways you want it to be.


Free Access to Open Source
UI Library
Want your designing process simple and painless? We have covered it for you. TicDesign is our open-source UI design library based on Android OS for all developers.

Global Market

Join Global Market,
Reach More Users
We grant you a new platform and wish you to bring fabulous apps to our Ticwear ecosystem. As a reward, you will be able to access the massive existing users in China and all other coming users globally.