How to submit app

Step 1: Login your developer account(If you do not have one, please register). Click “My apps” and choose “Submit Your New App” on the top right corner.

Step 2: Please choose the scope of your app usage; For Wear OS by Google apps, Mobvoi developer platform only provides the distribution channel for mainland China (Aka.Mobvoi Store). Please submit the app to Google Play store if you want to distribute to the global users.

Step 3: Please select whether your app is a paid app or not (The paid features only support watchfaces temporarily.)

Step 4: Select “Wear OS (China)” as the supported system

Step 5: Please upload the .apk

After the .apk has been uploaded successfully, it will take 10-20s for the platform to analyze the apk information including apk name, version name, size, standalone, native platform, etc.

Step 6: After the .apk analysis is completed, please confirm the results of the analysis and click “Next Step” if all information is correct. ( this step is very important as the wrong information may result in the app release failure.)

If you have any questions for the .apk analysis information, please click exclamation point to see more information.

Step 7: Complete app information and select target platforms, brands and devices;The target CPU architecture of your apk will be analyzed automatically. If your app has several apks for different CPU architectures, please upload multiple apk submissions.Please click “Submit Your App” after filling out all required information

Step 8: Once you have successfully submitted your app, your app will be in the review. We will keep you updated on the status of your submission.